Make It Happen!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

It would be so exciting to be interviewed by a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. It would be a dream come true. I would have the opportunity to talk about the blog, and what I am trying to accomplish. However, I recognize that interviews can sometimes be difficult, particularly if the interviewer is skilled at providing questions that are unnerving.  Here are three (3) questions that I would not wish for the reporter to ask. It’s not because I can’t answer them; it’s more because I’m not sure I’m ready to answer them.

Q1. “ What frightens you?”

Q2.What is your responsibility to address social/political issues?”

Q3. “Why should people read what you have to say?”

The interview is over. I surprised myself. I was more ready than I thought to answer the questions. The reporter’s questions gave me  time to further narrow my blog focus.

I’m on a quest to try something that I’ve never done before. I am currently operating outside of my comfort zone, and it is scaring. What keeps me going is a statement that I  always told my children…” Just do it!” They have, and now  it’s my turn.

Try Something New

My husband and I have our favorite restaurants in the local area that we frequent. Each time we go, I immediately turn to the dish that I ordered the last time we were there. My husband  says… “Why don’t you try something new?” Really, after all I love the way that this restaurant prepares calamari or salmon.  Wonder if I am not satisfied, then it has been a waste, right? With encouragement, I tentatively move out of my comfort zone and try a new dish. Each time I  am pleasantly surprised and now have an additional item to add to my repertoire.

Recently, I had the opportunity to read the post “Stick Your Neck Out” written by blogger, Jan, the Silverliningmama ( This posting reminded me of how tentative we are about trying new things and when we don’t, it robs us of the excitement and joy of exploring the band width of life’s offerings.

So whether you are planning a trip or determining where to dine, think outside the box. Do something you have never done before. Go beyond your norm. Eat food that you haven’t tried; travel to a part of the country or world that you haven’t visited. Bask in the glory of knowing that you will not be stuck in the ordinary, that you have the courage to try something different and learn from the experience. I think I’ll even try a trip to a cold climate. Okay, I’ll have to think about that.

I am interested in you sharing a time that you decided to Try Something New and what happened.