See Europe By Train

train station_unsplash

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I thought that I would write about something that is a bit different. As mothers, we appreciate the cards, gifts and the flowers that we receive from our loved ones, but it is nice to dream about doing something different. A European Train trip.

I have always wanted to  take a trip on a train. I think that it would be both relaxing. There are several trips that are available now that you can take. Of course, I am looking for one that offers a spa onboard. I don’t think they have that yet.  It is worth considering if you wish to see the scenery and don’t want to argue with your spouse over directions and the GPS as you drive thousands of miles.

The Venice Simplon Orient Express is the most well known of the luxury trains. It takes journeys from London to Venice. Paris to Budapest, Bucharest and Istanbul. There are many departure cities from which to select. The most important thing is that the train is absolutely luxurious. It has a champagne bar, exquisite dining facilities, and sleeping cars that are outstanding.

This is the train that you want to be on as you view the sites of Europe. I like the idea of being able to view the scenery, read, eat, drink, and get up and walk around. For long trips this keeps me interested in what is going on. Also, I think that the people that one might meet on a long trip might be interesting.

All of this luxury does not come at a cheap price. Plan upon spending approximately $5,000 per person depending upon the length of stay. You may want to just have the experience with a shorter trip (one nights stay) for about $2,700. However, when you are considering that you are traveling like royalty, who cares about spending a few dollars or euros.


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