Consider a Golf Resort for Your Next Vacation: 5 Tips That Will Assist You in Planning

Photo courtesy of: Loew's Ventana Canyon Resort
Photo courtesy of: Loews Ventana Canyon Resort

Before I became a golfer, I was intrigued with golf resorts. It seemed as though the resorts had a particular panache that I liked. When my husband and I travelled, I would frequently select these resorts. What I discovered, even though I was not a golfer, was that I was never disappointed.

In recent years, golf has become more popular. Look at all the people who spend time watching golf matches on TV. As early as ten (10) years ago, that was virtually un-heard of, except by your grandparents. Now the sport is more lively, and the professional players are wearing sponsored clothing that makes them look “hip.” All of these changes has helped to re-define the hospitality  industry, and to encourage hackers like myself to get out there and to keep trying, while staying in luxurious accommodations.

Here are some tips to consider when planning a trip to a golf resort. Remember, you don’t have to be a “player” just act like one.

1.  Location, location, location. We have to admit that there are simply parts of the country and the world that are better suited to playing golf. Don’t limit yourself to Florida, Arizona, or California. You can find some of the most intriguing resorts with the best courses in the Carrbean, Portugal, Spain, and of course Ireland. (See the listing below. This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing, but a starting point for your consideration).

2.Determine the best resorts and courses for the area in which you would like to stay. This can be a bit tricky. In some cases, you can look at an outstanding resort, but when you read the fine print, it says that it has “access” to a nearby golf course. You will want to check and see the distance and whether or not the resort provides transportation.  You will want to look at course statistics, and who designed the course. Also, just like everything else in the travel industry, there are reviews regarding the course. Make sure that you check those out prior to making your final decision.

3. Examine the resort amenities and activities This is important if you are travelling with a person who is not a golfer. You want to make sure that they are able to have fun, while you are on the course. Although amenities and services are listed, I suggest that you contact the hotel directly and speak with the concierge, who can make arrangements based upon the needs of your traveling partner. You will want to check out the number and types of restaurants that are on property. Identify what kind of reviews the restaurants receive. What type of pool (s) does the property have? Enquire about any concerts or festivals that will occur at the time of your visit, and make arrangements to enhance your visit.

4. Special Packages  Often the resort will have special package rates for those who plan to play golf. You can find these special rates online. However, I have had greater success in contacting the hotel directly and letting them know that I wish to come for several days to play golf. Then begin to ask for what you want. I usually begin with a room upgrade.  Ask if there is a special package rate for golfers. Determine what is part of the rate. Secure the package if you plan to play 18 holes every day; however, if you plan to play only 9 holes, you may find it better to go for an abbreviated package that you develop with the hotel. If the latter is the case, see if you can construct a package of x amount of rounds of 9 holes of golf, practice time, plus breakfast. Don’t be afraid to ask.  You may be surprised at how well it turns out.

5. Schedule Tee-times in advance  As soon as you have made your decision regarding the specific property, contact the ProShop to arrange for your tee-time, and/or training time. If you need to change it once you arrive, that is okay. I’ve seen too many people get very upset when they arrive at a location and cannot get onto the course at their desired time.  Remember, you are not the only person on vacation. This is where a little planning will serve you well. Playing golf is always a thrill, but when you can do it at an outstanding resort, it is the icing on the cake. I have selected 10 resorts that are “over the top” in terms of their beauty, stylishness, service delivery, activities, and golf course ratings. They do not appear in any particular order. As you peruse the listing, I am confident that  you  find something that strikes your fancy.

10 of the Best Golf Resorts 

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