Hotel Rates On the Rise

We know that airfares have increased, and even though gas prices are down, the prices of airline  tickets have not decreased. Now, a recent study shows that hotel rates increased in 2014, and are predicted to continue to rise in coming years.

In high demand locations, some rates are already teetering on the  high side, showing per night stays between  $ 750.00-$1,500.00.  And travelers are coming through paying the rates. This is happening because of a supply and demand. It’s starting to feel out of control. Does this mean that we must give up on the type of property or brand that we enjoy,  and essentially downgrade due to rising costs? I don’t think so.

Be willing to express your needs and exercise your negotiation skills. I believe it will require that we begin to think in terms of the total experience, and not how much we are paying per night. If you can work with the manager of the hotel on a room upgrade, spa deal, or some benefit, it will make the cost palatable. In the end, we all just want to have a good time.

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