Newest Trend: The Lifestyle Brand Hotel is Waiting For You

It wasn’t that long ago that you could identify the type of hotel that you were considering by the brand. The brand had a definitive market, and we as the consumer knew exactly where we fit into it. Then, the hotels began to segment the brands, which made it a bit more interesting, but at the same time confusing.

The newest trend is the “Lifestyle brand,” which essentially means that the particular hotel associated with the brand, has its own unique look and feel of the community, and neighborhood in which it resides. It’s taking us further down the path of personalization. Several major hoteliers have entered this market. Each with their own take on design, culture, and the approach to appealing to the consumer’s needs. Some properties are casual, while others are luxurious. The trick is to find the brand that best fits your personality and lifestyle choices. Here are just a few of the brands that have recently entered the market and are making a difference in the traveling experience.

Lowes with their OE Collection. This collection is initiating in Toronto later this year, and falls more towards the luxury end of the scale, but does a nice job of blending both business and luxury into the experience.  Hilton has elected to get into this market with a new brand called Canopy, that appears to be geared to those who enjoy an easy lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how this  brand does with its Curio brand that was introduced at the end of 2014. Canopy hotels are slated to open around the US later this year.  Marriott has the AC Hotels  which were primarily in Spain, Portugal and Italy but has expanded to New Orleans, Kansas City and Miami.  Hyatt  Centric Hotels are a modern urban experience and are due to open in 2015,  and the Ritz Carlton  has  The Reserve. The Reserves are strategically located  in four (4) locations around the world, with each deploying a lifestyle that is “fabulous.”

So, how do you make your selection. The brands have made it simple. There is something for every taste, price point, to accommodate your travel and vacation needs, from relaxation, high volume activity, to a place to meet with business associates.  The choice is yours. Let your lifestyle be heard. Enjoy.

I will add a menu selection on this blog that will post hotel openings around the world in this category. Check for your favorite.

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