2015 New Luxury Hotels: The Cutting Edge of Travel

There are a huge selection of properties that are being opened by a plethora of brands. What stands out are that the brands appear to be doing a better job of honing their skills at listening to customers.  Luxury Travel Magazine provided a listing of some of the top hotels that are opening in 2015 around the world. Many  are ones that have managed to combine both imagination, technology, design and practical application of service. The listing is by no means complete, but serves as a starting point for you to consider  visiting in your upcoming travels.(See listing below)

I was most intrigued by one of  Ian Schrager’s new hotel, the Edition Hotel, Miami.  This is a new brand done in partnership with Marriott, and the brand focuses on the customization and personalization of the travel experience. In addition to great design for which Ian Schrager is known, the hotel features outstanding and unique dining, entertainment, technology, and service options for its guests. This approach is leaning heavily towards guests experiencing those things that they like and appreciate the most.

A hotel that doesn’t appear on the listing, but deservers your attention is the Virgin Hotel, Chicago, which opened a few weeks ago. It continues to play on the theme of customization of the experience. The website drives  traffic to a menu item called, The Know. There, the customer takes a brief survey that provides personal expectations and feedback.  What is interesting about this approach is that this brand is using Big Data to analyze  preferences, which can then used to direct customized service. This is a fantastic use of technology.

Take a look at the listing and  find a place that you would like to explore in 2015. It be new; it will be fascinating, and you will be part of the “cutting edge” of travel.


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