Living the Life

Have you ever considered how you might want to spend your retirement years? Most of us dread the thought and therefore don’t place very much time into thinking about it.

If you could spend your elder years  in any one place, where would it be?”  Answering this is not as easy as it seems, which is why most of us “stay put” and don’t make any changes. But wonder if you could make a change?  Where would you go? Perhaps a little house in a  small village by the beach; or live in a high-rise building with lots of people around you, with a spectacular view of sunrise and sunsets; or move to a house on a ranch, or to a cabin in the mountains. What would make you say… ” This is my spot!”

The Huffington Post reported about one woman who knew exactly where she wanted to spend her latter years.  She and her husband always liked to take cruises, and after he passed, she decided to take up residence on a cruise ship. What an idea! Now, I don’t know that I could live on a cruise ship, but I could live at a golf resort with a spa. Do you think that I can work a deal ? I’ll look around and get back to you.

Read the story and set your own fantastic retirement dream into action and be prepared to Live the Life.

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