Top Destinations to Visit Released by New York Times

The New York Times Travel section recently released their list of the 52 Places to Go in 2015. The list comprises destinations from all over the world.  Toping the list is Milan, Italy. Number two(2) on the list is Cuba. As I perused the list, there were places that were no surprise at all, while there were others that made me say… ” How did they make the list?”

The interesting aspect is there is a brief description as to why the area or city made the list. I started out looking at what I thought were the cities or areas of my interest, but suddenly found myself reading each listing and discovering points about the cities or areas that compelled me to read more. For example, I loved reading about Bolivia, Macedonia and the Faroe Islands. Not sure that I will make it to those places, but it provided me with a perspective that I had not considered in my travel plans.  This calls for a new To Do list.

Cleveland, Ohio made the list, and I was totally unaware of all of the renovation that has occurred in the waterfront area of the city. This is now definitely a city that my husband and I will stop in enroute to Montreal, QC this summer.

Still there were other areas that I would simply love to see: Tanzania, North Coast of Peru, Elqui Valley, Chili, and there are others to which  I now long to return to such as New Orleans, Louisiana. Perhaps, I should pack my bags for the upcoming jazz festival in the spring.

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