Thinking of a Quick Trip: Consider One of These Locations

Monterey, California

  • Beautiful scenery and laid-back atmosphere.
  • Lots of festivals
  • Fantastic golf
  • Wonderful shopping in small Carmel community
  • Great restaurants with outstanding cuisine
  • Best hotel: Hilton Garden Inn (
    Monterey Bay
    Monterey Bay
    The beach at Carmel
    The beach at Carmel

    Golf in Monterey
    Golf in Monterey

Nashville, Tennessee

  • The music,the music, the music
  • If you are going with adults, consider staying in the West End (Vanderbilt area) Hotels and restaurants are great and within walking distance
  • Best Hotel: The Hutton Hotel

Washington, DC

  • Vibrant city with more many 5-star restaurants
  • Great community restaurants
  • Wonderful theatre
  • More monuments that you can ever see in one weekend

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